Grocery Shopping

Smart Tips for Grocery Shopping

Buying grocery is one of the inevitable chores of life – one that you can do better if you are smart about it. And it is not only about saving money or time that is at the root of the problem, selecting the right day to complete your shopping can make a world of difference too.

Here are some tips to make your shopping for groceries a good experience from all angles.

Choose the right day of the week

This largely depends on what you want to buy. For example, if you are buying meat or other perishable products on Wednesday, you will probably get a discount because items with limited shelf life start to get marked down. It is also advisable to enquire from your local store as to when they restock their products so that you can be the first in queue to buy the freshest stocks. There are some products that go on sale at particular times of the year. April for example is good for buying baking ingredients as stores try to release old unsold stocks within expiration date.

Avoid impulse buying

Always have a shopping list with you when you go to buy groceries. Grocery stores like any other retailer will employ multiple means to coax you into buying more than you need. Avoid the impulse to grab items just because there is a sale on or the aroma of freshly baked chicken or bread is swirling around your nostrils. Avoid buying in bulk especially perishable groceries if you do not plan to make dishes with them in the near future. Finally, one way to avoid impulse buying of unwanted items is to leave the kids at home. More often than not, they are the root cause of buying more than you intended to when you walked into the store.

Decide the frequency of your grocery shopping

Going for grocery shopping every week might sound like a frugal strategy and a wise decision but there are drawbacks to it too. When you buy every week, you will in all probability be ending up by paying the full price of the items. But if you shop smart and of course if you have enough space in your freezer or pantry, you can buy smart and shop when stocks go on sale or if you have discount coupons from previous buys with short term expiration dates. The ideal period is a two week grocery cycle.

Follow these simple tips for smart shopping for groceries.